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GreenDot Login: The Green Dot platinum Visa secured card is a credit card designed for people who are looking to build or rebuild their credit. It looks and acts like a traditional credit card except that you provide a $200 minimum security deposit, up to your approved credit limit, as collateral for your credit card account. Your credit line will equal the amount of this security deposit you put down. Your credit card account use is reported to the three major credit bureaus. You will need to make on-time payments each month and use the card responsibility to build your credit. Check the GreenDot Login details here.

We invented something completely new in banking with the Green Dot Reloaded Prepaid Debit card. At Green Dot, we want to empower you with more access and control over your own money and put more of it back in your pocket with innovative new products like your 5% Cash back Visa debit card. Because of Green dot card, you will never have to worry about an overdraft fee again. You will conveniently shop online. Pay bills without leaving home. And even send money to family across the US>Best of all, getting a Green Dot login card is hassle-free with absolutely no minimum balance requirements or credit check. So get your Green Dot card as early as possible and enjoy a completely different way of banking.

GreenDot Login

How Green Dot Credit Card Works?

1. ORDER YOUR CARD ONLINE: Fill out a quick profile and we will check to see if you are approved for a card. If you are approved, we will tell you what your maximum credit limit is and mail the card to your home at no cost.

2. Make A Security Deposit At A Retail Store Or By Mail:

When your card arrives, makes a minimum security deposit fo $200, up to your approved credit line. Your credit line will be equal to the dollar amount of your security deposit. To make your deposit, go to any participating retail chain such as 7-Eleven, CVS, Dollar General, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Walmart. Bring your card and cash to the cashier and they will swipe your card to load the cash for $4.95 or less. For retailers excluding Walmart, a $500 deposit limit per transaction applies.

You can also mail your deposit by check at no extra charge. Mailing a deposit by check will take an extra 10 days to process, which means you will need to wait longer in order to use your card.


Enjoy using your card everywhere Visa is accepted, including outside of the U.S. Keep track of your spending and make on-time payments with our easy-to-use online bill pay.


Your payment history gets reported to the three major credit bureaus, so making on-time and in-full payments can help you build credit over time. Just keep in mind that missing payments or overspending on the card can also damage your credit history. You must use your card responsibly to build your credit.

Green Dot 5% Cash Back Visa Debit Card:

GET 5% CASH BACK ON ALL PURCHASES: Now the convenience of Green Dot debit cards comes with cash back on every purchase, up to $100 annually. But that’s not the only way we have raised the game. Our newest card now comes with innovations that make Green Dot all the bank you need.
1. Get paid up to 2 days earlier with free direct deposit(subject to your payment provider’s process and timing)
2. Deposit checks with the smartphone.
3. send money to another Green Dot card instantly.
4. Write checks to pay rent and other bills.
5. Shop everywhere Visa debit is accepted in the US.
6. Multiple ways to check your balance using the website or the Green Dot app. And enjoy the features that have made Green Dot the leader in prepaid cards:

1. No overdraft fees, ever
2. No credit check to get a card
3. No purchase transaction fees.

Our 5% cash back visa debit card is now available at thousands of stores where Green Dot products are sold.

GreenDot Login

Advantages Of Green Dot Prepaid Visa Cards:

1. NO CREDIT CHECKS TO GET A CARD: Banks run credit checks when you apply for a checking account, savings account, or credit card. If you are made a few mistakes in the past, such as bouncing checks or neglecting to play your bills, you might get denied for accounts everywhere you look. That’s where a Green Dot prepaid Visa debit card comes in. Green Dot does not run a traditional credit check as part of its approval process so most people over the age of 18 will be approved.


The days of getting paid, driving with your check to the bank, depositing it in your checking account and waiting 2 or 3 days for it to clear, are long gone. Direct deposits circumvent those inconveniences and gives you instant access to your money. However, checking and savings accounts are not the only financial instruments you can connect to direct deposit. When you register and are approved for a prepaid Visa debit card, you will get an account and routing number, which means that you can enroll in indirect deposit immediately. More and more employers are turning to paperless payroll systems, and some even require it. With a prepaid card in hand, the payroll process is seamless.


Shopping online does not require you to get dressed, fuel up your car, or browse endless aisles in the company of strangers. You can click between websites and make purchases in a matter of minutes. There are not any long lines or dogged sales clerks. If you only shop with cash, however, you cant shop online. You will be forced into long lines and repeated iterations of, just browsing thanks. Plus, you will spend money on gas and other expenses associated with travel. A Green Dot prepaid Visa card eliminates those hassles. You can use it just like you would most any other debit card.


Going into debt can send you into a financial tailspin that ends in bankruptcy or worse. If you know you have the tendency to overspend, consider a Green Dot prepaid Visa debit card as a convenient way to manage your money. Many people need help keeping their finances in check. There is no shame in it. however, you can help yourself by choosing financial instruments that keep your budget in line.


Did you know that cash-back rewards are not limited to credit cards? Let every dollar you spend work in your favor with a Green Dot Cash Back Visa Debit card. When you buy items, you get some of your money back, and you won’t have to feel guilty about the occasional retail therapy.


Nobody likes to walk or drive to utility companies and pay their bills in cash. It takes time and energy and you are more likely to forget your due date. You can use most prepaid visa cards to schedule automatic payment for utilities, car notes, mortgage payments and more.

Prepaid Visa cards can work for people of all ages and income levels.


The biggest selling point we discovered during our Green Dot prepaid Debit card review was that anybody can buy and use one of these cards. If you want a free prepaid card, such as the ones you get with Google, Paypal, Bluebird, then they will not make it difficult. Yet, they will have you jump through one or two hoops to be sure you are not a deviant or money launderer. They also allow anybody to register in order to open up all the services the account has to offer. If your credit rating is terrible and you cannot get a bank account or a free prepaid card elsewhere then Green Dot may help you.

Green Dot Prepaid Debit Card Review- Fees And Charges:

1. $1.95 is how much the card costs to buy.
2. $0.00 reload your card by direct deposit.
3.$7.95 per month if your card is inactive for 90 days.
4. $2.50 for out-of-network ATM withdrawals.
5. $5.00 to replace your card.
6. $4.95 to reload your prepaid card.
7. $7.95 monthly fee.
The monthly fee may be waived if you load $1000 into your account every month, but reloading costs $4.95, so you are not saving very much. As with all prepaid cards, a Green Dot prepaid card will not help you build your credit history or credit rating.


We have reviewed other prepaid cards that are powered by Green Dot, such as the Walmart prepaid card. Frankly, the Walmart prepaid card was piss poor and this one is not much better. The only thing it offers that other Green Dot cards do not is that you are not charged for purchases. If you use another card that is powered by Green Dot then you are also expected to pay fees when you buy things. If anyone has turned you down, then we should give Green Dot credit because they will help you out and will let you have an account and prepaid card.